2013 DS3R
1967 Type 700
1948 H Van
1919 Type A

For the love of the marque.

There are a lot of people who have admired, purchased, driven or otherwise envied the Citroën. There is also a substantial amount of material available on the brand.
So why another book?

Many years ago, I asked a question: “what are the different models of Citroën cars?” At that point I only knew of about 30 models, mostly from the 60’s to the then present day in 1985. Since then, I have discovered no less than 4783 different models and variations on a theme by Citroën themselves, and by other carrosseries – and counting.

Latest Drawings

1955 DS 19.
1938 Type 23.
1934 22 CV.

The creative process.

In the early days of the 80’s and 90’s, we did not have the internet, Photoshop or Illustrator and every drawing was researched in the Library or using Citroën Brochures and books. Each car was drawn by hand on A2 paper, using a compass set, Rotring pens and French curves. The wheels were drawn by hand and then photocopied and reduced to scale, stuck on my drawings and then the whole drawing was reduced to A4.

Now we have the luxury of the internet, Adobe Creative Suite, digital airbrushing, PDF publications – as well as the good old-fashioned books and brochures. This book is a point in my research which allows me to collate all my material. Some would say I need a hobby. After 36 plus years, I think I may have stepped beyond a hobby into obsession.